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Ordbog om slavisk sproghistorie på Portalen for Østeuropastudier / Slavic Diachronic Dictionary at the Danish Portal for East European Studies / Славянский диахронный словарь на Датском портале по восточноевропейским исследованиям

Welcome to the dictionary of the Danish Portal for East European Studies.

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This dictionary system focusses on the historical linguistics of the Slavic languages. It comprises dictionaries for Old Church Slavonic, Old Russian, Old Ukrainian and etymology. Furthermore, the system contains some dictionaries for linguistic terminology.

The contents of this system have been extracted by me from various electronic and online dictionaries. You may find detailed information about the sources by clicking on the respective dictionary in the list below.

Some historic characters (as for example ѳ or ѵ) might cause problems when putting a query. Simply use a * as wildcard instead of the character.


Following dictionaries are available:

Oldsproglige ordbøger
[chu-eng] OCS Online - Base Form Dictionary (592)
Old Church Slavonic dictionary with infinite forms
[chu-eng] OCS Online - Master Glossary (1,004)
Old Church Slavonic dictionary with finite forms
[chu-eng] Swan - OCS Dictionary (11,503)
Swan's Old Church Slavonic Dictionary
[chu-rus] Большой церковно-славянский словарь (38,080)
Большой церковно-славянский словарь
[chu-rus] Краткий церковнославянский словарь (2,479)
С ударениями и современными буквами
[chu-rus] Краткий церковнославянский словарь Олейниковой (1,890)
Краткий словарь малопонятных слов и выражений церковнославянского языка
[chu-sla] Лексис Лаврентія Зизанія (1,084)
Лексис, Сирѣчь реченїя, Въкратъцѣ събранъны и из словенскаго языка на простый рускій діалектъ истолъкованы
[chu-sla] Лексисъ съ толкованіемъ (892)
«Лексисъ съ толкованiемъ словенскіхъ мовъ просто»; рукопис XVI ст.
[eng-chu] OCS Online - English Meaning Index (700)
English to Old Church Slavonic dictionary
[eng-orv] Old Russian - English Meaning Index (1,215)
English to Old Russian dictionary
[orv-eng] Old Russian Online - Base Form Dictionary (653)
Old Russian dictionary with infinite forms
[orv-eng] Old Russian Online - Master Glossary (1,178)
Old Russian dictionary with finite forms
[orv-rus] Lunt - Concise Dictionary of Old Russian (7,872)
11th-17th Centuries
[orv-rus] Слово о плъку Игорєвѣ - Словарь-справочник (1,074)
АН СССР. Ин-т рус. лит. (Пушкин. Дом), 1965—1984
[rus-chu] Русско-старославянский словарь (1,229)
Russian-Old Church Slavonic Dictionary
[ukr-chu] Синонїма Славеноросскаѧ (5,214)
Анонімний рукописний словник з другої пол. 17 століття ділової української мови
Etymologiske ordbøger
[rus] Цыганенко (3,698)
Этимологический словарь русского языка
[sla-eng] Derksen - Slavic Inherited Lexicon (2,151)
Based on Pokorny and Trubačëv
[rus] Свиридова (6,015) Russian - Русский
Этимологический словарь современного русского языка
[rus] Фасмер / Vasmer (17,309) Russian - Русский
Этимологический словарь русского языка Макса Фасмера (Vasmer)
[rus] Шанский (6,281) Russian - Русский
Школьный этимологический словарь русского языка
Lingvistiske ordbøger
[deu-eng-rus-hbs] Glossary of Linguistic Terms (2,605)
Multilinguales Glossar grammatischer und linguistischer Fachbegriffe - Multilingual Glossary of Linguistic Terms: Deutsch / English / русский / srpskohrvatski
[rus-deu-rus] Linguistische Termini (12,033)
Linguistische Termini und ihr Umfeld (deutsch-russisch, russisch-deutsch)

Additional resources

Most of the dictionaries may be downloaded for offline use from my home page. Additionally I would like to recommend my transliteration tool for Russian and Old Church Slavonic and the link collection on OCS and Slavic language history.

Feel free to write a mail in case you find an error or if you have questions.

Martin Podolak

The language pairs are indicated with abbreviations according to ISO-839(-2/-3):
[chu] (Old) Church Slavonic / Oldbulgarian
[deu] German
[eng] English
[hbs] Serbocroatian
[orv] Old East Slavic / Old Russian
[rus] Russian
[sla] Other Slavic languages (including Ruthenian and Old Ukrainian)
[ukr] Ukrainian
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