opslagsord: 80 side 3 af 4

41. BITTER горькъ bitter, pungent, unpleasant
42. BLACK Днѣпръ Dnieper, Russ. Dnepr, Belor. Dnjapro, Ukr. Dnipro, classical Danapris name of a river flowing into the Black Sea ◊ горѣти, -рѭ, -риши burn; refl. produce smoke, be Mere…
43. BLESSED блажєнъ blessed ◊ свѧтъ holy, blessed
44. BLIND слѣпъ blind
45. BLOOD-DRINKING кръвопийца blood-drinking, bloodthirsty
46. BLOODTHIRSTY кръвопийца blood-drinking, bloodthirsty
47. BOAST скакати, -чѫ, -чєши dance; spring vigorously, to leap or jump up, exult, revel, boast
48. BOAT корабльць caravel, a type of boat ◊ лодья boat
49. BODY тѣло body
50. BODYGUARD варѧгъ Varangian, of the Varangian tribe name of a particular group of Scandinavians; bodyguard of Viking descent, often applied to members of the Byzantine Emperor's personal guard Mere…
51. BOIL възгарати, -раѭ, -раѥши burn; boil over
52. BOJAR боӏаринъ noble, aristocrat, bojar, boyar
53. BORICHEV боричєвъ of Boris, relating to Boris; subst. m. the Borichev a trail between upper and lower reaches of Kiev
54. BORIS Борисъ Boris name of a prince, brother of Svjatopolk, Jaroslav, Gleb, and Predslava ◊ Глѣбъ Gleb name of a prince, brother of Svjatoslav, Jaroslav, Boris and Predslava Mere…
55. BOTH оба, обѣ, обѣ both
56. BOTTOM въздолѣ w. gen. below, at the bottom of
57. BOUNDARY коньць a coming to pass, performance, consummation; highest or farthest point; end, limit, boundary; pivot, axis ◊ ѹставъ end; boundary; rule; definition
58. BOW поклонъ bow; worship; salutation, greeting
59. BOY отрокъ boy, servant
60. BOYAR боӏаринъ noble, aristocrat, bojar, boyar