opslagsord: 56 side 2 af 3

21. FIRE зажєшти, -жєгѫ, -жєжєши set on fire, ignite, burn ◊ пожєшти, -гѫ, -жєши set on fire, kindle, ignite
22. FIRST каланъди plural calends, kalends, first day of the month ◊ пръвъ first
23. FIVE є five; five thousand
24. FIX потъкнѫти, -нѫ, -нєши stick in or on, fix in or on, fasten together, bind; set up, prop up; strike ◊ ѹставлӏати, -ӏаѭ, -ӏаѥши set, fix; put, place, prescribe, define; Mere…
25. FLATTERING прѣльстьнъ deceitful, illusive, fraudful, flattering
26. FLEE побѣгнѫти, -нѫ, -нєши flee, take flight
27. FLIGHT побѣгнѫти, -нѫ, -нєши flee, take flight
28. FLOW плѹти, пловѫ, пловєши flow; navigate, sail ◊ тєшти, тєкѫ, тєчєши run, rush, flow; follow, pursue
29. FLOWING Волга Volga, Turkic Itil, Atil name of a river flowing into the Caspian Sea ◊ Днѣпръ Dnieper, Russ. Dnepr, Belor. Dnjapro, Ukr. Dnipro, classical Danapris name of a river Mere…
30. FLY лєтѣти, -штѫ, -тиши fly; run ◊ полєтѣти, -штѫ, -тиши fly
31. FOLLOW състигнѫти, -нѫ, -нєши follow, pursue, catch up with, overtake, obtain, procure ◊ тєшти, тєкѫ, тєчєши run, rush, flow; follow, pursue
32. FOLLOWED о vocative particle followed by voc. or nom. o!; exclamatory particle followed by nom. or gen., less often dat. oh!
33. FOLLOWING въторъӏи, -роѥ, -раӏа second, following ◊ по w. dat. on, about motion on surface; w. acc. on, after, on account of; w. loc. after, following, for
34. FOOT нога foot ◊ пѣшь on foot, foot-borne, standing
35. FOOT-BORNE пѣшь on foot, foot-borne, standing
36. FOR бо for
37. FORCE насилити, -лѭ, -лиши do violence to, force, oppress w. dat. ◊ тѫжити, -жѫ, -жиши shut in, drive, force, impel; be moved in a confined space; mourn
38. FORCED слѹжьба service, forced service, slavery; liturgy; ministry
39. FOREST борьѥ usu. collective pine; cypress; cedar; any tree; woods, forest
40. FORGET оставити, -вл҄ѭ, -виши let, leave, neglect, forget