opslagsord: 29 side 1 af 2

1. OAR вєсло oar
2. OBEDIENT покорити, -рѭ, -риши place under, submit, subject; be obedient, obey
3. OBEY покорити, -рѭ, -риши place under, submit, subject; be obedient, obey
4. OBJECT брѣшти, брѣгѫ, брѣжєши be an object of care or thought, be a concern; with negation have no care for, be neglectful of, be careless, be negligent; look down upon, despise ◊ Mere…
5. OBTAIN състигнѫти, -нѫ, -нєши follow, pursue, catch up with, overtake, obtain, procure
6. OFF въӏносити, -шѫ, -сиши carry off, make off with ◊ вєсти, вєдѫ, вєдєши lead; lead off, lead away; carry; drag, draw ◊ отъсѣкнѫти, -нѫ, -нєши cut off ◊ Mere…
7. OFTEN варѧгъ Varangian, of the Varangian tribe name of a particular group of Scandinavians; bodyguard of Viking descent, often applied to members of the Byzantine Emperor's personal guard Mere…
8. OH о vocative particle followed by voc. or nom. o!; exclamatory particle followed by nom. or gen., less often dat. oh!
9. OKA мурома the Muroma a Finnish tribe inhabiting the region along the Oka river
10. OLD старость old age ◊ старъ old
11. OLGA Ольга Olga, Helga Scandinavian name ◊ ользинъ of Olga, related to Olga
12. ONE братонєвавидьникъ hostile to one's brother ◊ никътожє no one, nobody ◊ овъ, ово, ова this, this one; repeated the one... the other ◊ онъ, оно, она Mere…
13. ONESELF въвадити, -важдѫ, -вадиши join; refl. introduce oneself, enter ◊ самъ self, oneself ◊ сєбє -self, oneself
14. ONLY єдинъ one, only ◊ ѥда if, if only, would that; that not, lest; unless, otherwise
15. ONTO на w. acc. onto, against, for, to the extent; w. loc. on, at
16. OPINION разѹмъ understanding, sense, opinion, basic thought
17. OPPOSITE противъ, противѫ adv. opposite; prep. w. dat. according to; to meet
18. OPPRESS насилити, -лѭ, -лиши do violence to, force, oppress w. dat.
19. ORDER да in order to, that; may, let; and, then ◊ нарѧдъ order ◊ ӏако as, when; in order to; that; because; introduces quotation
20. ORIGINALLY деместиковъ of the domesticus, relating to the domesticus originally within Byzantine tradition a term denoting the leader of certain guard units; later a term applied to certain civil Mere…