opslagsord: 56 side 1 af 3

1. FACE лицє face, form
2. FALL испасти, -падѫ, -падєши fall out, turn out, fall down, slip out, escape ◊ съпасти, -дѫ, -дєши fall; fall together ◊ ѹсънѫти, -нѫ, -нєши fall asleep
3. FAME вѣсть announcement, report; rumor; fame ◊ слава fame, glory
4. FAMINE гладъ hunger, famine
5. FAR кромѣ adv., prep. w. gen. outside, far away, on the side, against
6. FARTHEST коньць a coming to pass, performance, consummation; highest or farthest point; end, limit, boundary; pivot, axis
7. FASTEN повьрзъӏвати, -ваѭ, -ваѥши tie, bind; fasten, attach ◊ потъкнѫти, -нѫ, -нєши stick in or on, fix in or on, fasten together, bind; set up, prop up; strike ◊ Mere…
8. FATHER отьнь poss. adj. of the father, father's ◊ отьць father
9. FEAR ѹбоӏати сѧ, -боѭ сѧ, -боиши сѧ fear, become afraid
10. FEAST чьсть honor, rank, reverence, feast, device, pattern
11. FEED распасти, -сѫ, -сєши pasture, feed
12. FESTIVAL ѹрокъ judgement; festival; expense, charge, cost; supply; payment; stipend
13. FIBULA сътѫга meaning unclear a binding; clasp, buckle; fibula
14. FIELD досѣдѣти, -ждѫ, -диши bring about by sitting, achieve through encamping or remaining in the field ◊ н҄ива field, ground
15. FIFTY н fifty
16. FIGHT брати, борѭ, борѥши fight ◊ воѥвати, воюѭ, воюѥши fight, wage war ◊ побѣдити, -ждѫ, -диши conquer; fight, fight against; set in motion, hasten, incite; sally out Mere…
17. FIGHTER вой fighter; pl. troops, army ◊ храбръ m. fighter, soldier; adj. strong
18. FINALLY прочєѥ therefore, but, finally; afterward
19. FIND разѹмѣти, -ѣѭ, -ѣѥши come to know, find out, know; understand ◊ ѹслъӏшати, -шѫ, -шиши hear, find out
20. FINNISH весь collective the Ves, Vepsians a Finnish tribe between Lakes Ladoga and Belo-ozero ◊ меря collective the Merians a Finnish tribe, in the region of Jaroslavl and Mere…