opslagsord: 80 side 1 af 4

1. BACK възвратити, -штѫ, -тиши give back; refl. come back ◊ въспѧть back, toward the back, in reverse, in return ◊ опѧть back ◊ поити, -идѫ, -идєши go, set out; Mere…
2. BACKWARD прѣгъбъ meaning unclear a bending; a bending backward, vain glory, pomposity; a piece of cloth, decorative cloak with bejeweled clasp; cross-bench of a Viking ship
3. BAD зълъ evil, bad
4. BAND дрѹжина retinue, band of retainers, troop
5. BANK полъ, полѹ side, bank, shore; sex; half
6. BARK скора bark, shell; pine; skin, hide, pelt, leather
7. BASE подольѥ valley, vale; base, foundation
8. BASEMENT клѣть house; household; basement, cellar; shed
9. BASIC разѹмъ understanding, sense, opinion, basic thought
10. BASIL Василий Vasili, Vasilii, Vasilij, Basil name of a saint
11. BATH мовь a washing, bath
12. BATHE измъӏти, -мъӏѭ, -мъӏѥши bathe, wash ◊ мъӏти, мъӏѭ, мъӏѥши bathe, wash
13. BATHHOUSE истъбъка tent, hut; bathhouse
14. BE бъӏвати, -ваѭ, -ваѥши be
15. BEAT ѹдарити, -рѭ, -риши strike, beat
16. BEAUTY доброта goodness; beauty; virtue
17. BECAUSE за w. acc. after, by, because of, for; w. instr. behind; w. gen. because of ◊ ради w. gen. for, for the sake of, because of ◊ ӏако as, when; in order to; that; Mere…
18. BECOME бъӏти, бѫдѫ, бѫдєши be, become ◊ изнємошти, -могѫ, -можєши be unable; be weak; become wearied, be exhausted ◊ ѹбоӏати сѧ, -боѭ сѧ, -боиши сѧ fear, become afraid Mere…
19. BED гнѣздо couch, bed; nest
20. BEFORE прѣдъ w. acc. or instr. before, in front of ◊ прѣждє before