opslagsord: 13 side 1 af 1

1. PEACE миръ world; peace ◊ съмирити, -рѭ, -риши make peace; come together, unite; reconcile
2. PEDAGOGUE кръмильць tutor, teacher, pedagogue
3. PEER приникнѫти, -нѫ, -нєши stoop to look, peer, look
4. PEIPUS чюдь collective the Chuds a Finnish tribe, in Estonia near Lake Peipus
5. PELT скора bark, shell; pine; skin, hide, pelt, leather
6. PEOPLE людьѥ pl. men, people; population, a people ◊ плъкъ crowd; people, population; cohort, troop
7. PERCEIVE ѹзьрѣти, -р҄ѭ, -риши see, perceive
8. PEREDSLAVA Прѣдъслава Peredslava, Predslava name of a princess, sister of Svjatopolk, Jaroslav, Boris, and Gleb
9. PERFECT съврьшити, -шѫ, -шиши prepare, perfect, complete
10. PERFORMANCE коньць a coming to pass, performance, consummation; highest or farthest point; end, limit, boundary; pivot, axis
11. PERISH изгъӏбати, -баѭ -блѭ, -баѥши -блѥши perish, be destroyed
12. PERMITTED льзѣ permitted, allowable; w. 'to be' be possible
13. PERSONAL варѧгъ Varangian, of the Varangian tribe name of a particular group of Scandinavians; bodyguard of Viking descent, often applied to members of the Byzantine Emperor's personal guard Mere…