opslagsord: 12 side 1 af 1

1. PARENTS ѹсирити, -рѭ, -риши deprive of parents, orphan; deprive in general
2. PARK градъ walled structure, walled fortification; garden, enclosed park; home, dwelling, household; city
3. PART стрѣха roof; projecting part of a wall, cornice, eaves ◊ чѧсть part
4. PARTICLE о vocative particle followed by voc. or nom. o!; exclamatory particle followed by nom. or gen., less often dat. oh!
5. PARTICULAR варѧгъ Varangian, of the Varangian tribe name of a particular group of Scandinavians; bodyguard of Viking descent, often applied to members of the Byzantine Emperor's personal guard Mere…
6. PASS коньць a coming to pass, performance, consummation; highest or farthest point; end, limit, boundary; pivot, axis
7. PASSION страсть suffering, woe; passion, martyrdom
8. PAST мимо past, by
9. PASTURE распасти, -сѫ, -сєши pasture, feed
10. PATTERN чьсть honor, rank, reverence, feast, device, pattern
11. PAY платити, -штѫ, -тиши loose, free, set free, pay
12. PAYMENT ѹрокъ judgement; festival; expense, charge, cost; supply; payment; stipend