opslagsord: 11 side 1 af 1

1. LO сє lo, behold
2. LOC. въ w. loc. in; w. acc. into ◊ на w. acc. onto, against, for, to the extent; w. loc. on, at ◊ о об w. loc. around; about, concerning; for; by; w. instr. at, Mere…
3. LOCATED Смольньскъ Smolensk name of a city located along the Dnieper river ◊ козаринъ Khazar, of the Khazars a Turkic tribe located along the Volga ◊ полӏанинъ Polan, Mere…
4. LOCATION подъ w. acc. under, below object of motion; w. instr. under, below location
5. LOFT голѫбникъ dovecote, pigeon loft ◊ одрина loft; stable
6. LOOK брѣшти, брѣгѫ, брѣжєши be an object of care or thought, be a concern; with negation have no care for, be neglectful of, be careless, be negligent; look down upon, despise ◊ Mere…
7. LOOSE испѹстити, -штѫ, -стиши loose, free; send forth, send out, send away, emit ◊ платити, -штѫ, -тиши loose, free, set free, pay
8. LORD господинъ lord, master ◊ господь lord, master
9. LOVE любити, -блѭ, -биши love
10. LOVING милость grace, loving kindness
11. LOWER боричєвъ of Boris, relating to Boris; subst. m. the Borichev a trail between upper and lower reaches of Kiev ◊ съмѣрити, -рѭ, -риши lower, reduce, lessen, humble, abase