opslagsord: 7 side 1 af 1

1. EAGER ѹстрьмити сѧ, -млѭ, -миши hasten, rush; be eager
2. EAR класъ ear of corn ◊ ѹхо, ѹшєсє ear
3. EARLY ѹранити, -нѭ, -ниши make quickly, be quick, hasten, hurry; rise at dawn, rise early
4. EARTH зємл҄ӏа earth, land
5. EASILY льгъко easily
6. EAST готинъ Goth, Gothic, of the Goths likely the inhabitants of Gotland, not the East Germanic tribe
7. EAVES стрѣха roof; projecting part of a wall, cornice, eaves