opslagsord: 7 side 1 af 1

1. BUCKLE сътѫга meaning unclear a binding; clasp, buckle; fibula
2. BUILD съдѣлати, -аѭ, -аѥши found, establish; work, build
3. BURDENSOME тѧжькъ grave; burdensome; savage; intolerable
4. BURIAL могъӏла grave, tomb, burial mound
5. BURN възгарати, -раѭ, -раѥши burn; boil over ◊ възгорѣти, -рѭ, -риши burn, burn up ◊ горѣти, -рѭ, -риши burn; refl. produce smoke, be black with smoke ◊ Mere…
6. BURY засъӏпати, -плѭ, -плѥши cover, cover over, hide, bury ◊ погрєти, -грєбѫ, -грєбєши bury ◊ посъӏпати, -плѭ, -плѥши cover, cover over, hide, bury
7. BUT а and, but; if ◊ жє and, but ◊ нъ but ◊ прочєѥ therefore, but, finally; afterward ◊ ти and; but; added to adverbs indeed ◊ то but, Mere…