opslagsord: 9 side 1 af 1

1. ALAS ѹвъӏ w. dat. alas, woe
2. ALIVE живъ alive, living
3. ALL вьсь all, every; whole
4. ALLOW отъпѹстити, -штѫ, -стиши allow, let, free; send away ◊ пѹстити, -штѫ, -стиши allow, let, free; send away
5. ALLOWABLE льзѣ permitted, allowable; w. 'to be' be possible
6. ALONE ѹѥдинити, -нѭ, -ниши leave behind alone; unite
7. ALONG Смольньскъ Smolensk name of a city located along the Dnieper river ◊ козаринъ Khazar, of the Khazars a Turkic tribe located along the Volga ◊ меря collective Mere…
8. ALREADY южє, ѹжє already
9. ALSO и and; also, too, even ◊ тожє also, and