opslagsord: 6 side 1 af 1

1. ACCOMPLISH исправити, -вл҄ѭ, -виши accomplish
2. ACCORDING противъ, противѫ adv. opposite; prep. w. dat. according to; to meet
3. ACCOUNT по w. dat. on, about motion on surface; w. acc. on, after, on account of; w. loc. after, following, for
4. ACHIEVE досѣдѣти, -ждѫ, -диши bring about by sitting, achieve through encamping or remaining in the field
5. ACQUIRE изимати, ѥмлѭ, ѥмлѥши take, take up; acquire; capture ◊ имати, ѥмлѭ, ѥмлѥши take, take up; acquire
6. ACROSS заморьѥ a transmarine region, any region across the sea