opslagsord: 53 side 2 af 3

21. THINK мъіслити, -шлѫ, -слиши think ◊ мьнѣти, -нѭ, -ниши think, assume ◊ мьнѣти, мьнѭ, мьниши believe, think
22. THIRST жѧдати, -ждѫ, -ждєши thirst, desire
23. THIS инъ this, this one here ◊ сь this ◊ тако thus, in this way ◊ тѣмьжє thereby, therefore, through this ◊ ць this
24. THITHER тамо there, to that place, thither
25. THOMAS Ѳома Thomas
26. THOU тъі you, thou
27. THREATEN запрѣтити, -штѫ, -тиши threaten, rebuke
28. THREE трьє, три, три three
29. THRONE столъ seat, throne
30. THROUGH тѣмьжє thereby, therefore, through this
31. THROW отъврѣшти, -врьгѫ, -врьгєши throw away, renounce
32. THUS сицє thus, so ◊ тако thus, in this way
33. THY твои your, thy
34. TIE съвѧзати, -заѭ, -заѥши bind, tie
35. TIME врѣмѧ time ◊ година time, hour ◊ при near; at the time of
36. TIMES въсєгда always, at all times
37. TIRED трѹдьнъ tired, weary
38. TO къ to, for
39. TONGUE ѩзъікъ tongue, language, nation
40. TONSURE пострижєньѥ tonsure, a tonsuring, cutting ◊ постришти, -стригѫ, -стрижєши tonsure