opslagsord: 43 side 1 af 3

1. PAGANISM поганьство paganism
2. PARABLE притъча parable, example
3. PAST мимо past, by
4. PATTERN чьсть honor, rank, reverence, feast, device, pattern
5. PAY мъзда reward, pay
6. PEACE миръ world; peace ◊ съмирјати, -јаѭ, -јаѩши make peace
7. PEOPLE людъ people
8. PERCEIVE ѹзьрѣти, -р҄ѭ, -риши see, perceive
9. PERFECT съврьшити, -шѫ, -шиши prepare, perfect, complete
10. PERSON правьдьникъ just person
11. PETER Пєтръ Peter
12. PHILIP Филипъ, Филиппъ Philip
13. PHILOSOPHER философъ philosopher
14. PICK възѧти, -зьмѫ, -зьмєши pick up, take
15. PINNACLE крило wing; pinnacle
16. PITY милосрьдовати, -дѹѭ, -дѹѥши take pity on ◊ помиловати, -лѹѭ, -лѹѥши pity, have mercy on
17. PLACE въсадити, -ждѫ, -диши place on, place in ◊ мѣсто place ◊ поставити, -вл҄ѭ, -виши establish, place, set ◊ тамо there, to that place, thither
18. PLATE миса dish, plate
19. PLEASE ѹгодити, -ждѫ, -диши please, be pleasing
20. PLEASING ѹгодити, -ждѫ, -диши please, be pleasing