opslagsord: 35 side 1 af 2

1. FAITH вѣра faith, belief ◊ вѣрьнъ true, real; of faith
2. FALL пасти, падѫ, падєши fall ◊ ѹмлъчати, -чѫ, -чиши be quiet, fall silent ◊ ѹсънѫти, -нѫ, -нєши fall asleep
3. FALSELY лъгати, лъжѫ, -жєши lie, speak falsely
4. FAME слава fame, glory ◊ слѹхъ hearing, fame, rumor
5. FAST постити с, -штѫ, -стиши fast
6. FATHER отьць father
7. FEAR бојати сѧ, боѭ, боиши fear ◊ ѹбојати сѧ, -боѭ, -боиши fear, become afraid
8. FEAST чьсть honor, rank, reverence, feast, device, pattern
9. FEBRUARY фєѵроар҄ь February
10. FIELD н҄ива field, ground
11. FILL испльнити, -н҄ѭ, -ниши fill up, fulfill
12. FIND обрѣшти, -рѧштѫ, -рѧштєши find, discover ◊ істѧзати, -заѭ, -заѥши demand back; find out; test ◊ ѹслъішати, -шѫ, -шиши hear, find out
13. FIRST каландъі kalends, first day of the month ◊ прьвъ first, primary
14. FIRST-BORN прьвѣньць first-born
15. FIRSTBORN прьвѣньць firstborn child
16. FIVE пѧть five
17. FOLLOWING послѣдьнь last, following, latter ◊ прочь remaining, following
18. FOOLISH бєзѹмьнъ mad, crazy, foolish
19. FOOT нога foot
20. FOR бо for ◊ къ to, for