opslagsord: 42 side 1 af 3

1. ABIDE прѣбъіти, -бѫдѫ, -бѫдєши remain, abide
2. ABLE мошти, могѫ, могєши be able, can
3. ABOUT до to, up to; with numerals about ◊ осьјати, -јаѭ, -јаѥши illumine, shine about, overshadow ◊ събъіти, -бѫдѫ, -бѫдєши come about, happen
4. ACCOMPLISH исправити, -вл҄ѭ, -виши accomplish
5. ACCORDING по after; according to
6. ADORN красити, -шѫ, -сиши decorate, adorn
7. AFFIANCE обрѫчити, -чѫ, -чиши affiance, betrothe
8. AFRAID ѹбојати сѧ, -боѭ, -боиши fear, become afraid
9. AFTER по after; according to
10. AFTERWARD послѣдь then, afterward
11. AGAIN въскръснѫти, -нѫ, -нєши rise again, be resurrected ◊ пакъі back, again
12. AGAINST на in, on; at, against; for ◊ о around, concerning; against
13. AGE вѣкъ age
14. ALL въсєгда always, at all times ◊ вьсь all, every; whole
15. ALLOW пѹстити, -штѫ, -стиши allow, let, free; send away
16. ALONE тъкъмо only, alone
17. ALREADY южє already
18. ALTAR олътарь altar
19. ALWAYS въсєгда always, at all times ◊ присно always
20. AMEN аминъ amen