opslagsord: 8 side 1 af 1

1. DIE почивати, -аѭ, -аѩши rest, sleep; die ◊ ѹмрѣти, -рѫ, -рєши die
2. DISCIPLE ѹчєникъ student, disciple
3. DISCOVER обрѣшти, -рѧштѫ, -рѧштєши find, discover
4. DISH миса dish, plate
5. DISPENSE въздати, -дамь, -даси give back, give out, dispense
6. DISRESPECT обидѣти, -ждѫ, -диши do harm to, disrespect, be contemptuous of
7. DITCH гробъ grave, ditch
8. DIVINE божьи divine, of god, god's