opslagsord: 19 side 1 af 1

1. COFFIN рака sepulchre, coffin
2. COLLECT събрати, -бєрѫ, -бєрєши collect, gather ◊ събьрати, -бєрѫ, -бєрєши collect, gather
3. COME възвратити, -штѫ, -тиши give back; refl. come back ◊ грѧсти, грѧдѫ, грѧдєши come, walk ◊ пристѫпити, -пл҄ѭ, -пиши come up to, step up ◊ прити, -идѫ, -идєши Mere…
4. COMFORT ѹтѣшати, -шаѭ, -шаѥши comfort ◊ ѹтѣшити, -шѫ, -шиши comfort
5. COMMAND заповѣдь command, commandment ◊ заповѣдѣти, -вѣмь, -вѣси command ◊ повєлѣти, -лѭ, -лиши give a command, command
6. COMMANDMENT заповѣдь command, commandment
7. COMMEND прѣдати, -дамь, -даси hand over, commend
8. COMMIT дѣјати, дѣѭ, дѣѥши do, commit
9. COMPANION съпоспѣшьникъ friend, companion
10. COMPASSIONATE милостивъ compassionate, full of grace
11. COMPLETE съврьшити, -шѫ, -шиши prepare, perfect, complete
12. CONCERNING о around, concerning; against
13. CONFIDENCE нєсѹмьнѣньѥ confidence
14. CONSTANTINE Коньстантинъ Constantine
15. CONTEMPTUOUS обидѣти, -ждѫ, -диши do harm to, disrespect, be contemptuous of
16. CONVERSATION бєсѣда conversation, word, talk
17. CORRECT показати, -заѭ, -заѥши show, instruct, correct, chasten
18. COUNSEL съборъ counsel, meeting ◊ съвѣтъ counsel
19. COUNTRY отьчьствьє own country, lineage, kindred ◊ страна country; area, region; pl heathen