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1. ја (pronoun) accusative dual masculine of *и he
2. јави (verb) 3rd person singular aorist of јавити, -в҄ѭ, -виши appear
3. јавишѧ сѧ (reflexive verb) 3rd person plural aorist of авити, -вл҄ѭ, -виши reveal
4. јавьјашє сѧ (reflexive verb) 3rd person singular imperfect of авити, -вл҄ѭ, -виши reveal
5. јаждь (verb) 2nd person singular imperative of асти, амь, аси eat
6. јажє (relative pronoun) accusative plural neuter of ижє who, which
7. јазъікъ (noun, masculine) accusative singular of ѩзъікъ tongue, language, nation
8. јако (conjunction) јако as, when; in order to; that; because; introduces quotation
9. јакожє (conjunction) јакожє as, like, than, so as to