The database of the Slavic inherited lexicon has been compiled by Rick Derksen. The aim of the Slavic part of the project is to incorporate the Slavic data from Pokorny's dictionary as well as to provide it with a supplement. The main source for the Slavic database is the "Ėtimologičeskij slovar' slavjanskix jazykov" (1974-), which is edited by O.N. Trubačëv.

The abundance of the Slavic material in Trubačëv's dictionary compels us to make a selection when illustrating a Proto-Slavic lemma with attested Slavic forms. The criteria for selecting forms are difficult to define. A form may offer crucial information about its proto-form or have an interesting meaning, but to a certain extent it is arbitrary which forms are presented. Here I must add that information regarding the prosodic features of the Proto-Slavic lemma is considered to be of special interest. The field AP indicates to which of the three Proto-Slavic accent paradigms (see Stang 1957) a lemma is thought to have belonged.

The references to Pokorny's "Indogermanisches etymologisches Wörterbuch" concern the IE reconstructions and not the Slavic lemmata.

The SYMBOLS used in the field "CERTAINTY" have the following meaning:
"+" = the word is of IE date or derived from an IE root;
"-" = the word belongs to the substratum layer (although it is also attested in other languages);
"?" = the etymology is uncertain.

Words that occur exclusively in Slavic are not included in the database.



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